Nalgonda Floride

Fluorosis, a public health problem is caused by excessive intake of fluoride through drinking water (and other sources) over a long period. It results in significant health issues like dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and non-skeletal fluorosis. Over 19 Lakh population of Nalgonda are at risk because of the high concentration of fluoride found in ground water. About 1108 habitations were severely affected.  In this regard, the District Administration has taken severally measures to mitigate the problem of fluorosis. In this regard, the District Fluoride Monitoring Centre [DFMC] was established in November 14, 2013 is a unique initiative by the District Administration, Nalgonda to bring convergence and facilitate inter-departmental coordination of mitigation and prevention of fluorosis in the district through concerted efforts and integration of resources. UNICEF has been involved in strengthening DFMC ever since its inception by extending technical and financial support as required planning and implementing the action plans and building capacities of functionaries.

The DFMC is a unique model and a pilot project in the entire country itself. Though about 125 districts in 22 states are affected with fluorosis problem in the country, there has never been any such Centre as DFMC elsewhere except Nalgonda to bring forward such concerted efforts through convergence approach for prevention and mitigation of fluorosis.As mentioned, DFMC has had quite a consistent impact since its inception. Here’s a snapshotof the impact in numbers:

21 MLAs of APLA high powered all party delegation led by Hon’ble Speaker visited fluorosis affected areas of Nalgonda district during 6-7th July 2012. District Administration facilitated their visit and interaction with victims. This resulted in commitment from the government reinforced by political will.Formation of District Fluoride Monitoring Center (DFMC), its composition, staff structure, roles and responsibility and coordination and monitoring of the activities of the constituent 17 key line departments.Supply of safe and fluoride free drinking water (Krishna water) to severely affected all 1108 habitations in and to all schools, hostels and Anganwadi Centers