The Department of Agriculture has been created mainly to provide Agricultural Extension services to farmers and to transfer the latest technical knowledge to the farming community. The objectives of the Department are to assess requirements of agriculture inputs well in advance and to regulate their production and monitor timely supply of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, implements, credit etc., to farmers. The Department also performs the statutory functions under various acts and regulations (i.e., quality control) to ensure supply of quality inputs i.e., Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides to farmers etc.

The  Nalgonda  district  is  basically  an  agrarian  district  with  good  irrigation sources  and  favorable  climatic  conditions. Approximately  75%  of  population  depends directly or indirectly on Agriculture in Nalgonda district.  The major growing crops are Paddy and  Cotton.   For Paddy and  Ground nut  seed  production,  the climatic conditions are  very much congenial and for realizing the Telangana state as seed bowl of India, the contribution of Nalgonda district in this regard is sizeable.

The Agriculture department is committed to promote Agricultural development in  more  significant  way  to  create  better  socioeconomic  conditions  among  the  farming community through the implementation of Government programmes. The Agriculture sector has potential for creating better opportunities and livelihoods and there by poverty alleviation is possible. In the light of the potential contribution and role of the Agriculture sector in the district, a strategic development plans need to be developed, planned for implementation for deriving growth in Agriculture sector.

The Department of Agriculture is performing following functions in the process of sustainable agricultural development.