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Form-12D-Application for postal ballot to Absentee voters 30/10/2023 View (305 KB)
FORM -6A 01/08/2022 View (1 MB)
FORM-6B (Letter of Information of Aadhaar number for the purpose of electoral roll authentication) 01/08/2022 View (644 KB)
FORM-7(Form for Objection – Deletion) 01/08/2022 View (782 KB)
Alternate File : View (375 KB)
Form-19(Claim for inclusion of name in Teachers’ Constancy) 01/08/2022 View (539 KB)
FORM-18(Claim for inclusion of name in Graduates’ Constancy ) 01/08/2022 View (730 KB)
FORM-8(Shifting of Residence / Correction of Entries / Replacement of EPIC / Marking of PwD) 01/08/2022 View (620 KB)
Form-6(Application for new voters) 01/08/2022 View (1,004 KB)
Form-3(Person employed under the Government of India in a post outside India) 01/08/2022 View (831 KB)
FORM-2A (Member of Armed Force of a State, who is serving outside that state) 01/08/2022 View (561 KB)